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Episode 98 · 5 months ago

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Do you wait to worship until you've seen the blessing? Press play now. As you wait. In the middle of the pain. You've already experienced more victory than you know - press play on your praise.

Today we start a brand new teaching series called the songs of summer. Yes, and summer is a great time for songs, right. You put your headphones on while you're mowing the lawn or you're going on a road trip and you got the radio tuned in right to the station that you so like to listen to. I've got a challenge for you in this series. All right, for the next I think it's five weeks or so. The series challenges when you turn your music on, turn to Christian music first. Okay, that's the challenge. When you turn your music on, when you reach for that radio dial in the car, when you say Alexa, play something right, turn to Christian music first. Don't just listen to C I'm not saying that. Don't just listen to Christian music. I'm just saying for this series, for next couple weeks, just give it a try. Turn on a Christian Song First, turn on that Christian radio station, ask Alexa to play that worship song or whatever, and just see what God does in these coming weeks. When you turn your music on, turn to Christian music first. You think you can do it? All right, all right, hey, it's it's a powerful thing. Songs are powerful things. Songs are all throughout the Bible. There's even a whole book in the Bible, the biggest book in the Bible, of Psalms, that is all song. And in this series where actually not going to look at too many of those songs, we're going to look at the songs in the Bible that are in other places, that are maybe in unfamiliar places or unexpected places of the Bible, and see what these songs have to tell us and have to teach us, because songs are powerful things, like they really are amazing at drawing you and your mind and your heart to certain places, to certain memories, to certain experiences. You hear that song and you remember the moment you heard it. You can put yourself in that seat or in that car or in that concert venue or somewhere, and it just you you like feel like you're back there. Or songs also help, like shape the experience, like it helps put words to things that you're experiencing in your life, and that's what the Book of Psalms does really like, if you are struggling with something, you're trying to put words to feelings that you have. You're trying, like you don't really understand or how to express what you're thinking, like open your Bible to the Book of Psalms and just read those words, because it's amazing when you put words and identify the things that are on your heart. And that's what songs do, like they help us do these things. And so as I was thinking about how to kick off this series, I wanted to share with you three songs that do that for me. They bring me back to some interesting, kind of random places in my life and for some reason these songs just bring me there. And the first one brings me back to my college baseball days,...

...and I really don't know why, but we didn't like win all the time. We were good team, but like when we won, we all, you know, would give each other high fives and it was just a really cool thing in the DJ, the person at the Home Stadium, you know, whenever we win, they would play this song and then again enough, and every time I step into the building and everybody's hands go all right, we got couple people that got yeah, so we win in our hands go up and there was just something about the celebration of victory and our whole team walking in the line and giving each other high fives, and you know, you give the other team high fives too, but then you give your own team high fives and it's just something exciting about that. told you it was kind of random. But the next one, the next one brings me back to my college football days. All right. So, and this one, this isn't a victory song. And well, it is a victory song, but we were actually on the losing end of this. Okay. So, like the other team was the one celebrating and we weren't. And sometimes you just need a couple notes, right, like, you don't even need a lot. You got the song like after a couple notes. So how about this one? You don't even need any words, right. So what do you got? I gotta that tonight it's gonna be a good night. Yeah, yeah, it was a terrible night for us. It was a terrible night, but that's what you get when you play on the road. Right, when our football team was good, like, we weren't ever that great, but this year we had a lot of good players. I was a freshman, I didn't really play that much or at all, but but our team was good and, like we won a bunch of games and we were going to make it to the division three playoffs this year for the first time in forever. All's we had to do was beat our rivals school, all Bright College, and we were in overtime against them. First overtime, second overtime, third overtime, then it was fourth overtime, if you know how college football works. And so our coach must have decided that, like this game was over, we were done. I'm going to go for to and try to, you know, win. And we didn't. We didn't score that to point. So then the other team got the ball, they went down the field, they scored the touchdown and kick the extra point and DJ press play on that Song and nn I'm sure they were having a great night, but we weren't. We weren't. The last song I want to share with you illustrates the sermon what we're going to be talking about in the best way that I could think of. And your probably not going to know...

...this song. If you do, we got a special connection. One of you, I know does, Mr Tony does, but here's the song. That happens after another victory. Then you clap your hands. Everybody fulfill it down for you. Seventy sixers. Then you stop your feet and then you count one, two, three, four, five sixers. It's kind of catchy. Right backwards, ten, nine and eighth. Seventy sixers right. That's the sixers theme song. It's the victory song that gets played after they win all the time. I used to watch a lot of sixers games. The last couple of years I've been bailing on them. Just been been busy, but I went to a lot of games. I just there's something about just celebrating and playing that song when you win. It's just so, so good. But I always find an interesting like someone, the DJ, somebody has to decide when to press the button, when to press play. Do you wait until the game is over, when the clock has hit zero, and then you press the Victory Song? Not every time, because I'm watching games and there's like forty seconds left on the clock and the songs already playing right. It's just going. It's just going and like there's time left on the clock. The other team could even score, but the game is over and the victory song is already playing. And why wait? Why wait to press play right, like there's there is a lot of time left in the game, but the other team has no chance of winning. The clock is ticking down and and they might even turn the ball over, even the other team might score, but the game is over. And so I've come to tell you today, as we kick off the songs of summer series, to press play, to press play. Turns to your neighbor and ask them the question, what are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Yeah, and then tell them, tell him press play, press play, press play, press play on your praise, press play on your worship of God, even before you see the victory in your life, like you are probably praying for something, you're probably hoping for something, you are probably hoping that something in your life is going to be different. Don't wait until you get that before you praise God, because the trick is or the you probably aren't ever going to get it. You got to decide today, in this moment,... the middle of waiting, in the middle of the pain and the difficulty, in the trial, that you're going to praise God, that you're going to worship God, that you're going to press play on your praise. You got to you got to do it, and that's what we see. Moses and Aaron and the people of Israel did as they were going through this thing called the exodus. They were getting lad out of slavery in Egypt and they were crossing the Red Sea and they paused and press play on some praise. And so, if you have your Bible, turn with me to exodus, Chapter Fifteen. If you don't have your Bible, you'll see the words on the screen behind me. and Exodus fifteen is the first song in the Bible. There's Genesis, which is the first book in the Bible and Actually, after this series we're going to do a series through the first eleven chapters and Genesis. So I've been looking forward to preaching through genesis for a long time and so I'm excited that we're almost there. We're going to get there. So that's Genesis, is the first book of the Bible. And then exodus. Genesis, exodus, the first song with all the lyrics in the Bible. Is this. Moses and the people of Israel sang this song to the Lord. I will sing into the Lord, for he has triumph gloriously. He has hurled both horse and rider into the sea. Isn't that a coolsalm? You hear the Hadens and the rhythm of that right, it's like I have. I will sing unto the Lord, for he has triumph gloriously. He has hurl both horse and rider into the sea. I will sing unto the Lord, for he has triumph gloriously. He has hurboth horse and rider into the sea. I will sing unto the Lord, for he has triumph gloriously. He has hurboth hearth and rider into the sea. Yes, there you go, yeah, all right, all right, hmm. The song continues. It says the Lord is my strength and my song. He has given me victory. This is my God and I will praise him, my father's God, and I will exalt him. The Lord is a warrior. Yahweh is his name. Pharaoh's chariots and army he has hurled into the sea. The finest of Pharaoh's officers are drowned in the Red Sea. The deep waters gushed over them. They sank to the bottom like a stone. Your right hand, oh Lord, is Glorious and power. Your right hand, oh Lord, smashes the enemy. In the greatness of Your Majesty, You overthrow those who rise against you. You unleash your blazing fury. It consumes them like strong at the blast of your breath, the waters piled up. The surging water stood straight like a wall in the heart of the sea. The deep waters became hard. The enemy boasted, I will chase them and plunder them and catch up with them, I will consume them, I will flash my sword, my powerful hand will destroy them, ha ha.

But you blew with your breath and the sea covered them. They sank like lead in the mighty waters. Who is like you among the Gods, oh Lord, holy, Glorious and holiness, awesome and splendor, performing great wonders? You raised your right hand and the earth swallowed our enemies. With your unfailing love, you lead the people you have redeemed in your might. You Guide them to your sacred home. The People's here and tremble. Anguish grips those who live in Philistia. The leaders of Edom are terrified, the nobles of Moab Tremble. All who live in Canaan melt away. Terror and dread fall upon them. The power of your arm makes them lifeless of stone. Until your people passed by, Oh Lord, until the people you purchased pass by, you will bring them in and plant them in your own mountain, the place, O Lord, reserved for your own dwelling, the Sanctuary, oh Lord, that your hands have established. The Lord will reign forever and ever. And when Pharaoh's horses, chariots and chariots ears rushed into the sea, the Lord brought the water crashing down on them. But the people of Israel had walked through the middle of the sea on dry ground. And then Miriam, the prophet, Aaron Sister, took a tambourine and let all the women and play their tambourines and danced and Miriam Sang this song. I will sing unto the Lord, for he has triumph gloriously. He has hurled forth hosted horse and rider into the sea. It is always, always, always, the right time to press play, to press play on your praise, to press play on your worship. It is always the right time. He is always worthy to be praised. I know you're waiting for something, I know you're praying for something, I know you're hoping for something, but we have to worship God before, during and after the victory, like we have to. We have to worship him at all times, because the enemy is coming after us. He's chasing us he's coming to get us, he's coming to plunder us, he's coming and we we battle him. We by worshiping the Lord that his attacks, is his his lives are not going to get ahold of our heart and in a hold of our mind. He's we are going to worship God, we're going to praise God, we're going to thank God for what he will do and what he has done. We gotta press play. We got a press play, and this exodus event is like one of the foundational events of all of scripture. Like we see illusions and illustrations of this throughout the entire Bible and we see a lot of it in Jesus and what he did for us on the Cross, and Moses here and the...

...people they sing, they sing about that. It's the Lord is my strength and my song. He has given me victory. This is my God and I will praise him, my father's God, and I will exalt him. I just wonder who gives you victory? Like? Do you, in all your great efforts, give yourself victories? Your great planning, your great skills, your great connections, you give yourself victory in life? The Lord gives victory, and Moses and the people. They knew this because, as they were leaving Egypt, they came unto this impassable obstacle, the Red Sea. Their swimming ability was not going to save them. The fact that they could run really fast and out run the chariots and the horses and that wasn't going to help. They needed God to show up, and God did show up and rescue them and lead them through. God gave the victory. And then notice the pronouns that Moses and the people sing here. The Lord is my strength and he's my song. He's given me victory. This is my God, like the God that split the sea, the God that created the vastness of the heavens and the stars, the God that empowered the sun to shine bright, the God that created the vastness of the oceans and holds the waters, that amazing, omnipotent, all powerful God that can literally do anything, he's my God. He is my God and he's my song, like the the rhythm of my heart, the the rhythm of our breathing in our breast and the this, the pace and all, like the God who created. That is my God. He's my God, and I love how Moses. It's a personal thing. Right. I wonder if you could say that right, is God, that God, your God, but he's not just your God, he's also my father's God. Like Moses wasn't the first person in the history of the world to God, to show up to and be like I'm going to be your God, and Moses is like, okay, right. Moses recognized that his like great great grandfather Abraham, received some very important promises from the Lord. And God called Abraham and said I'm going to give you a land, I'm gonna give you, make you a blessing and I'm going to give you a people, a land, a blessing of people.

And that promised. It was a covenant, it was a one sided agreement with God saying God's gonna do this no matter what happens. It had happened with Abraham. He got passed down to his son Isaac to his friend Jacob, and Jacob's name was changed to Israel. Israel had twelve sons. They turned into the thirteen tribes of Israel, the forefathers of the nation of Israel. And the problem was, though, is God made this promise to Abraham a land, of people, of blessing, and they didn't really have any of that. In fact, the land there was a famine, and so the brothers of the sons of Jacob had to go to Egypt, had to go to the the enemy had to go to the place of that. That's not our land at all. That's the that's the worst place we could possibly go. But because of the famine, the family went to Egypt. But guess who was already there? God was already there. God had gone before them and prepared one of the brothers to be like the most powerful guy in all of Egypt. And there the whole reason he Joseph, the whole reason why they went there in the first place, because he stored up all this food and is God had went before for them. And so many times in our life, in your life, we find ourselves drifting and going to places we've never thought we'd go, moving to new places, working in new environments, meeting New People and making terrible decisions and ending up in places that in left field, like how did I ever get here? But you are never outside of God's plan for your life, like he can always take you, no matter where you end up and say, okay, I'm gonna I'm going to use that and let's let's get back on track, like we got a little sidetracked here, but like I'll transform it, I'll use it and I'll use what was evil and I'll use it for good. I've gone before you. I've already been there, I've already I've already worked it all out. It's okay, I'm going to bring you back, I'm going to transform it and we're going to move forward together. God does that and he went before his people in Israel or in Egypt, with Joseph and preparing the way. And you are never alone wherever you go, God is there and he's prepared people to meet you in those places to be with you and to help you and all that stuff. But that doesn't mean life is easy. Right in fact, for this nation of Israel, they spend four hundred years in Egypt. They went down for some food and they got stuck about four hundred ish years and at the end of that they were slaves. About as bad as it gets. Right. Pharaoh's like you're going to do all this stuff and...'re going to work and you're not. It's going to be horrible. It's going to be terrible. But the reason Pharaoh did, that was because he was afraid of these people. There was so many of them, they were multiplying, they were growing, and what look like slavery on the outside was really nation development on the inside. And the same is true in our life. Like the reason that you get attacked, the reason that the enemy comes after you, the reason that you doubt, the reason that you question, the reason that you feel like the world is against you, is because it's scared of you. Like if you're just doing nothing, if you're just like sitting on the sideline, if you got nothing to offer your like a baby, immature Christian, you know you're just like whatever, right, the enemy is not going to bother with you. Just leave them over there, it's fine, they're not making a difference. But the moment you start praying, the moment you start loving people that you have no reason to love, the moment you start sharing Jesus with people, the enemy's like, oh, we got we got to do something about this, we got to make it harder for them, we gotta ramp up the pressure on their life. And so what looks like slavery on the outside is really personal development on the inside. It's really God developing you, preparing you for what he has for you. What looks like pain and difficulty on the outside is nothing compared to the potential that God is developing on your inside. He's developing you, and that's what he was doing with the nation of Israel. He was preparing them, and so he was preparing them enough where they were set and it was ready. It was time to call Moses, and God met Moses at the burning Bush and said, okay, now was the time. You're going to go stand in front of the most powerful man on the earth and say let my people go, just like that, and he's gonna say no, but it was time, it was ready to do it. And Yeah, he said no because Pharaoh, he never saw or knew what the exodus was right. He had never experienced a god do that before, like we can read it in our book and be like, Oh, yeah, that's pretty amazing. He never saw it before. He didn't have the history books to look at. This was new to him. And Pharaoh was powerful, probably the most powerful...

...person on the planet, the most powerful nation, and he had all these gods that were fighting for him. He had all these gods for everything, for the Nile River, for the sun, for all this stuff. He had all these gods and he's not worried. But this Hebrew family, they had a god too, and they believed that their God was going to be with them and that their God was going to give them the victory. And so they sing in this song. The Lord is a warrior and Yahway is his name. When God revealed himself to Moses at the Bush, Moses is like, I gotta tell them what your name is, like you're telling me all this stuff, they're not going to believe me. What's your name? I am okay, I am. I am Yahwagh, that personal name of the Lord. And the Lord is fill in the blank. How do you describe the Lord? What word do you put in? The Lord is a savior, yeah, a Lord, the Lord is maybe he's love, and he certainly is all of those things. Absolutely. Maybe you say the Lord is Gracious, or the Lord Is Merciful, the Lord is kind, yeah, but the Lord is also a warrior. The Lord is a warrior that wants to fight for you. And so when Pharaoh said no warrior, God said, all right, let's do this thing. And you think your gods are strong. All ten plagues that happened to cause Pharaoh to change his mind were direct attacks against those gods and said, your God for the Sun, I'll turn the sun dark. Right. Your God for the Nile River that supports your amazing country, whether I'll turn it to blood? Right, the livestock dead, the NAT's, all this stuff right, our God, the God, the Lord, a warrior, said I'm the strongest here, I'm going to conquer this, I'm going to lead you out, I'm going to give you the victory. And after the ten plague, which was the death of the firstborn son, you know, the Egyptians, they didn't follow the the putting the blood on the doorposting, the killing of the lamb, the pass over event, and and so the Israelites, they had their firstborn son save because they trusted in God. They they obeyed, they sacrifice the innocent animal and put the blood on the doorposts, but the Egyptians and others, you know, they didn't. They weren't so good, and that night was horrible. You can just imagine the cries and the screams and the you know. And so pharaoh eventually said that this country, this nation, that was you know, they were slaves or they're doing. They're causing too much difficulty.

It's better for them just to leave, and they actually like paid them to leave. Right. It's just like, please, get out of here, this is terrible, you're causing too much harm. Just leave, please. But then they get to the water, right, the Moses is leading these millions of people out to the water. And then what? Right now? What? How do we get through this? How do we? Are we going to get to the Promised Land? How are we going to do this? And then Pharaoh changed his mind. He's like, I can't let them get away that easily, and so he boasted. I will chase them and catch up with them, I will plunder them and consume them, I will flash my sword and my powerful hand will destroy them. That's what he thought. But God blue with his breath and the sea covered them, the very same sea that they walk through on dry ground, that stood up like walls for them to walk through. That same water came crashing down to destroy the Egyptians that were coming after him, and it caused them to again wonder and worship. Who is like you among the gods of the Lord, gloriiness, Glorious and holiness awesome and splendor performing great wonders, like wouldn't you love to have been there? And just like watching this scene happen right it's like you know the tension in the suspense, and then you see this amazing miracle happening and these people are walking through and then the armies are coming after and you hear the screams and the shouts and the dust and all this stuff, and then the waters come back and crash and this like amazing, amazing, and it's all because of this glorious Holy God who's totally set apart, he's totally other, he's totally perfect and he's awesome. He's awesome and splendor. Everything about him is beautiful and he performs great wonders, like amazing miraculous things that God does. And I just wonder this morning, when was the last time that you press play on your praise and your worship of this glorious holiest, awesome and splendor who performs great wonders? God, when was the last time that you pressed play? When was the last time you were like Miriam and grab your tambourine and dance? Right, I will sing into the Lord for his triumph. Gloriously, he has hurled both horse and rider into the sea. Just press play and worship him and maybe you'd say, Kevin,...

I that sounds good, but I don't know if I have anything to press play about. Like, if you knew my life, I'm not sure what I'm struggling with right now. I'd I don't know what I can say thank you for. I don't know what I can even like. I don't even know if God is real, if I'm honest, and like, I know, I know that feeling. It's a real feeling, absolutely, but that's why the message and the challenge today is to press play today, even while you feel like that, even why you think like that, even why you believe like that, press play today, because Egypt is our story, it's your story, and if you're looking for something to praise God about, like this is for you. This is a reason to press play. We were all, I was, you were, we were all stuck in a place that we could call Egypt, where we were spinning our wheels. Life was frustrating, difficult, hard, we were stocked, there was nothing thing that we could do about it. We would make decisions that we regret, and it just feels like our life would never change. There was no hope, we were out of luck. We were slaves to our thinking. There was nothing we could change about, slaves to our feelings, slaves ultimately, to our sin, and we would hope for better days, we would look forward to the promised land. But there was an immovable, impassable object in the middle of that. And Short, I know you've tried some stuff to get through that. You've tried to hide it, you've tried to minimize that, you've tried to do better and deal with it, you've tried to make your life better, you've tried to pray harder and ten church and you've tried all these things and you just keep coming up against that wall. But the good news is that God knows all that. He knew all that and when you couldn't do anything to get through, God said, I'm going to show up and I'm going to do it for you. I know you're stuck, I know your slaves, I know there's nothing you can do to enter the promised land, and so God says, I'm going to do it for you.

I'm going to split the sea so that you can walk through it. I'm going to hold the waters back so that you can go through on dry ground. You can't do it yourself. Actually, you can't do it at all. I'm going to do it, and you might wonder how do I know that? Again, it sounds good, but how do I know that? And you got to point your attention and your focus at the cross, because on the cross Jesus paid the penalty for the sin that you could do nothing about. He did it for you. He died in your place, on your behalf, as you so that the thing that was holding you back, the thing that separated you from God, was paid for. It was destroyed, it was demolished, it was gone, he was buried and rose again the third day, so that if you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, you are forgiven, you are saved, you are led through that sea and into the Promised Land of blessing, a forgiveness, of hope, of peace, of Love, of assurance that God is your God, that he is a warrior, that he is going to fight for you like that is what God has done for you. Amen, he has. And so if you are looking for a reason to press play today, that's your reason. You don't need I mean, it's nice when you have other reasons, but you don't need another reason. Like the God of the universe, loved you, loves you so much that he did that for you. So, God, we just say thank you, we say we worship you, we say we love you, we say we honor you, we say we want to live our life for you. And so I want to invite you now to stand with me. We're going to sing this song Egypt about all this, and let's press play on our praise.

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