Stop Waiting and Start Fighting
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Episode 117 · 3 months ago

Stop Waiting and Start Fighting


Stop waiting and start fighting for authentic faith. Don't let the fact you are young be an excuse for not living out your faith. You faith is set on the great hope of Jesus Christ. Don't place your hope anywhere else. Sermon recap of John's Message on Sunday.

Hello, Pastor Kevin here, thanks for joining us today. Um, John Montrell preached an incredible message on Sunday. However, we did not record the audio of that message, and so therefore here we are today. I want to give you a short recap of his message of how he preached through our section in First Timothy, chapter four, and I just want to highlight some of the things that stood out to me. I thought John did a great job. And uh, it really bums me that, Um, it was probably me who plugged the cable in wrong, and I apologize for that. But John talked to us about what it looks like to be a good servant of Jesus. What does it mean to be a good servant of Jesus, because that's the terminology that Paul uses in his letter to Timothy here and John did all these real cool things breaking down this passage, and he was telling..., right, if you do these things, these things that we've talked about in this series, then we will be a good servant of Jesus, one who's trained in the words of faith, in the good doctrine that you followed. And we this is a training thing. John was telling us a little bit about his physical training routine, and we also have to train spiritually trained to grow in our faith, grow in Godliness, which is in value in every way, versus physical training, which you know, just helps you in some ways. And then John talked a lot about what it looks like to apply these things, which is an amazing thing to do right, and so what does it look like to be of good doctrine, be trained in the words of faith and the good doctrine in which you follow well, part...

...of it is sharing that truth that you believe, and so sharing the gospel, sharing the good news of what Jesus has done for you. And one of the best ways to do that is to simply just give somebody something right, somebody else has already shared it. Maybe sometimes it's hard to get the words out exactly right or did they fully understand or or did I say it? And yes, we gotta use words and we gotta share it, and we gotta know how to talk about it. But sometimes it's just like, hey, I got this little booklet, would you read this? Let's talk about it. And that was a great challenge that John gave us. And then he also talked about what it looks like to put our hope in the Living God. Our hope like what you are trusting in, what you are believing in, what you have a right relationship with God? Okay, great, that's great if you think that you do. But why do you think that Where is your hope? What are you really trusting in? Is it... the Living God, who is the savior of all people, especially for those who believe? Or is your hope placed in something else? And that wasn't a great challenge that John gave us. Sometimes in church world, right, we place our hope in so many things. We place our church hope in our church, or in our that we were baptized, or that we pray to prayer when we were younger and said Jesus, I want to follow you. And those things are good. But if that is where our hope is, we're missing the whole story. Our hope is in Jesus Christ, in his death, his burial, his resurrection, and that is how we can have a right relationship with God. He is the savior of all people, especially to those especially to you and to me. If we believe, believe in what Jesus has done for us is enough, that's where our hope...

...lies. And then he told us. John told us the last section in first Him at the chapter four eleven through thirteen, these powerful words that maybe some of us are familiar with. Teach these things and insist that everyone learned them. Don't let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say and the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity until I get their focus on reading the scriptures to the church and encouraging the believers and teaching them. And John being his second message that connect us church, and being a couple of years younger than me. Um, both me and him certainly can fall in the young category. But maybe you do too. Maybe not young in years, although that's certainly a thing, but maybe young in your faith, young and in other ways. And when you're young, when you're new,...'s easy for those who have been through life, been through a lot more experience, has been through many more years of living this life to look at the young people and say, you know what, young people, you don't even understand what's happening at all. Oh, they're just young. They're being young. They're making dumb decisions, they're doing stupid things. Because they're young, because that's what young people do. It's not like old people made up those stereotypes, right, Like those are real things that young people do because they're young. And so Paul in this passage is talking to me, is talking to John, He's talking probably to you, and he says, don't let your youth, your age, your newness to this thing get in the way of you doing what God has called you to do. God says to you that you are to be an example in the way that you live your..., by the way that you love people, by your faith, and by your purity. So yes, there's so many excuses and there's so many reasons why we might not be an example in this way. But you're young. You might be young in years, physically or spiritually. You're young. Don't let that be an excuse for you be an example of what it means to live our lives for Jesus, to live our lives in love towards other people, to have a strong faith that's willing to step out and say, God, you're calling me to this, I'm gonna go for it. And our purity in the way that we are honoring God with our our bodies with our sexuality, with a purity, what we think about, what we dream...

...about, what we hope about, we can set the example. And so if you are young again, that is a great reason to just say I'll get to it later. And this was probably one of the the most memorable and challenging things from John's message on Sunday was that at some point in time in the future, it always looks better to live your faith out when you get married, when you have children, when you buy that house, when you graduate, when you right fill in the blank, it always looks better to wait and wait for that thing until you start to live it up. And what Paul is saying here and what John challenges us with on Sunday is that now is the best time. Right now is the best time. Right now, no matter what age you are, no matter what situation of life you're in, now is the best time to live out your faith, to... an example of what it means to live for Jesus. And so stop waiting, stop waiting and start fighting for authentic faith. Stop waiting for that next thing to happen. Start today, Start now, Start in this moment right where you are. Just decide today, right here, I am going to follow Jesus. I am going to live my life as an example of what it means to follow Christ. I am going to love people well. I'm going to have big faith. I'm going to honor God and love people by my purity. I am going to live for Jesus today in this moment and be an example for others to follow. A great message by John, and I wish you all were there to see it and to hear it. And thank you John for the work that you put into that message. And...

I hope that this recap was a little bit of an encouragement to you. Thanks so much for falling along, and we would look forward to get in our tech right in the coming weeks. We'll see you later.

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